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Android Live Wallpaper Tutorial

Hi, at last I was able to create my own live wallpaper " MATRIX RAIN ". 

Download : click here

The matrix rain effect which I am using is the same which I created in canvas.
ref :-
I this post I will describe how I put together the live wallpaper. 

Xamarin : Simple Calculator Tutorial Visual Studio C#

Simple Calculator in Android (Xamarin) using VisualStudio C#In Brief: This article will help you on building a simple calculator in android Xamarin with simple steps using C# Language in Visual Studio. Detail:
Building this simple calculator will let you learn how to work with the Android Buttons, Text View and simple functions. The UI is not so beautiful but is a great way to learn the basic functionalities.

Android : Multiple Button One Listener

Hi you may have ran into problem where you have multiple button in the layout and want want a single listener, so the code become more manageable. Here is how you can manage it.
This below code work for me after several attempt.
So here is what you need. 1.Layout with multiple buttons. 2.create a View.OnClickListenerwhich you will need to attach with the button [Note : I don't know why if the View.OnClickListener is initalised after, assigning the button listener it does not work. View.OnClickListener must be initalised befor assigning it to the button.] 3.Simple switch case which will check which button is clicked.
Below is the code which work for me.

Android : Create a keystore

Generating a certificate or keystore to sign your app using android studio is very easy rather than messing with keytool.

1.Open android studio.

2. Go to Build -> Generate signed apk

Android : Best Game Engine

After using many game engines for creating android game. These are the two which I liked the most