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Android WebView

This post contain all about android webview.
If you are reading this I assume that you know what is webview and just want to use it in your app.

Android Activities

This post contain my all activity related snippet.

Android Hide soft-keyboard and EditText to non editable

Recently I need to hide the soft-keyboard from popping up when user click or when the app is open first time below is the method which work for me. And make the edit text disabled for editing.

Android Spinner

Android provide variety of widgets on of them is spinner. Spinner is similar to that of the drop-down list in web it allows user to select a single item from list of items.

Android Transparent status bar

Recently I wanted to get a transparent status bar so that my app background blends smoothly with the status bar . Below method worked

Android remove ActionBar / TitleBar

I want to remove the action bar/ Title bar from my app to make it full screen. Below is the method which helped.

Android Support Tools

Here is the list tools and library which  which I  prefer to use in my application and found them usefull.