Xamarin : Getting started Hello World

Hi I decided to build my next android app using xamarin. So here is basic hello world app which I got started with.

First I install visual studio with xamarin support.

Go to File -> new ( Blank app android.)
The workspace show solution explorer

Here the project structure is almost identical to android studio.However I find the two difference.
1. UI layout are in axml format
2. AndroidManifiest.xml is inside the Properties. and it does not have any activity element. Manifiest is little different from the standard android.

Now see the UI.
double click the main.axml inside the layout folder.
You will shown with visual layout editor as similar to andriod studio.
Widgets can be found under toolbox panel.
Here the UI seems a little different from the standard android.

Running the project.
Connect your device.
click the run button at the top.
application will be diployed and started on your device.

Here the application seems to take a more time to render than the standard android.


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