Android : Best Game Engine

After using many game engines for creating android game. These are the two which I liked the most


This is the game engine which every one knows about. This is the very good game engine to start creating game 2D or 3D most of the game available in playstore are created using this engine.
Unity3d comes with a free version and tons of tutorial are available on internet to create the game.

GoDot Engine

This is the second game engine which I liked. This is open source and has a GUI editor. Can be used to create 2D or 3D. However not full featured like Unity3D. Since this is Free and open source I like it, you can customize your game engine.

If you are beginner I will recommend Unity3D and if you are already using Unity3D and want some thing different use Godot engine.

There are plenty of other game engine available on the  which you can try.

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