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Android Studio Tips/Tricks

This post simple contain the android studio tricks which I used.

#1 Case insensitive code completion. This is the which I first enable on  the android studio. If you don't remember commands like me than it is for you, by enabling this you can get the required method or anything if you know part of it.

a.Open Setting from File-> settings
b. Go to code completion and set case sensitive to none c. Now all set you can check the code completion just type and press ctrl+space

#2 Find methods which can be override and implemented. I always want to know which are the methods provided by the base class that can be overridden. To find the methods which can be overridden in android studio.
Just press CTRL+O Now you have all the methods that can be overridden.
#3 Speed up android studio  If android studio lags in your system. I mean only to the GUI. below is the trick which worked for me. Go to settings -> appearance and set theme to windows and disable the animation. (this will give you…

Android How to integrate Admob

In this post I will be describe how can one integrate admob into their application.

For integrating admob you can integrate it as standalone or with firebase.

In this post I will be describing how can you integrate it as standalone.

Things required to display the admob.
1. Your app probably  android (using android studio)
2.  Admob account
3. Your app has permission to access internet.

Android : Change Display To Black And White

Recently I thought to change my display to Black and White. Before finding the app for the same.
I decided to take a peek at the developer option luckily there is an option to change the display color
i.e "Simulate Color space ".