Free Android Template

When developing android apps UI is the main challenge for me to create best user interface.
Here is the list of the resources which will help you to get inspired or UI template to use in your app

1. Dribble
Dribble is the place where you can a lot of inspiring ideas for the interface. Some may provide a template for you to download.

2. invisionapp
After searching a lot for the free template I found  the template by invisionapp. The template provided by the them contain almost every thing needed by you to create your beautiful app.

Android : Currecny Converter

Android Currency Converter :

A simple currency converter.
using : API

Download : Play Store

Android prevent out of memory exception

Well memory out of exception is the common problem for android application. If your application is not memory efficient it will get crashed due to memory exception.

This post does not contain guideline on how to create memory efficient application. This post contain one method which helped my application form getting memory out of exception. i.e to increase the heap size.

Android Studio change package name


Sometime it is needed to change the package of the project.
Below is the easy way which worked for me in android studio.

Android WebView

This post contain all about android webview.
If you are reading this I assume that you know what is webview and just want to use it in your app.

Android Activities

This post contain my all activity related snippet.

Android Hide soft-keyboard and EditText to non editable

Recently I need to hide the soft-keyboard from popping up when user click or when the app is open first time below is the method which work for me. And make the edit text disabled for editing.