React Native

React Native : this is the thing which I have been looking for. I want to create my app fast. At first I use rhino with android to keep my app flexible.
However React Native does all this for you, If you haven't heard about react native it is the open source framework for creating app and deploy to multiple platform.
It is more than hybrid apps because it don't use web view it uses bridge to render native component.

Even getting started is very easy no need for android studio.
I am writing this post for windows platform.

#1 first Download the nodejs , Download the latest nodejs , Install it.

#2 open cmd and type node to ensure all thing is running fine.

#3 Now during writing of this post React Native don't work fine with npm5 so you need to downgrade it to npm4 ,

#4 So run cmd and type 'npm install -g npm@4' this will install npm 4

# now lets start with react native app.

# in cmd run

npm install -g create-react-native-app
create-react-native-app AwesomeProject

cd AwesomeProject
npm start

this will open the start the react app , you will see the QR code in the cmd.
Now download the expo client in you phone , scan the code and the app is running your phone.

Simple is in't and the best part is React native is open source.

For more info visit :

I will write more post about it soon..

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