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Android Data Collection App 

Collecting data is required in every field. Using traditional methods like pen and paper is very expensive, digitally collecting data save time and money. There are many options available to collect data. One of them is Google Form. Google Form is very simple easy to use method to collect the data from the field it save a lot of time and effort, However using google form form device is not and good option since every where internet is not available you need to go offline and if you have multiple form it will become hassle to manage them. To solve all these problem. Introducing

FORMBOX - Android Data Collection App

FormBox combine the simplicity and power of Google Form to deliver you an easy to use data collection app. With the help of form box you can collect data on the go, collaborate or go offline.

Features of FormBox :-
  • Easy to use.
  • Integrated with google form
  • Design your form using google form
  • Offline support (Collect data even your device don’t have internet connection)
  • Data belongs to you ( we don’t store any data in our servers you have complete control over your data)
  • Collaborate and collect your data
  • Analyse your data using google form


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