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Here is the quiz app which I have created in Intel XDK.

Android Hybrid Creation Tools

Hi, on this page I main list of other application to create hybrid app.
Intel XDK Intel XDK is the first tool which I used to create my first app. This IDE is very simple to use. if you have basic html and JavaScript knowledge youI can start creating your app. This  IDE provide you with complete set of tools required to build app. even it will compile the apk on their server and you can just download and publish it. and there is no hassle of downloading the android sdk and android studio. There are plenty of tool on the internet which can be used to create the hybrid app.

Android Studio–Add local jar / library to project

Hi recently I want to add third party module to my project. However I want don’t to use that slow gradle to download it. I downloaded the required jars. Now I had to import it to my project.

I tried method #1
Right Click project –>New –> Module –> Import .JAR/.AAR project-> Select my library and finish. However this still didn’t work for me.

Create Custom View in android MATRIX EFFECT CANVAS tutorial

Create Custom View in android MATRIX EFFECT CANVAS tutorial
Hi all as I stared my development with android I always wanted to create a Custom view or rather I want a canvas where I can draw freely. To learn about canvas I decided to create matrix rain effect which I can add to my android layout. Here is the complete tutorial which I have post. Hopping it will be use full to someone.

You can find the link to android project at the bottom of the post